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How does permissions for the Passwords Navigation Tree work?


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The Password Lists Navigation Tree on the left hand side will show all the Password Lists and Password Folders you have been granted access to. If you have not been granted access to a Password List, it will not show within the Navigation Tree.

A few other things to consider are:

  • As you drag a Password List under a Password Folder, any users who have access to the Password List will also be granted access to the folder. If this Password Folder is nested under multiple folders, then your users will also be given access to each of the folders up the tree
  • Under no circumstances will a Password List appear in the Navigation Tree for a user, unless they have been specifically granted access to it. Even if you have multiple Password Lists appearing in a Password Folder, other users will only see the Password Lists you have given them access to
  • As you restructure the Password Lists and Folders in the navigation tree, the changes will be visible to all users who have access. They will also receive email notifications informing them of the re-organization
  • Security Administrators (with the correct role) can see and administer permissions for all Password Lists and Folders under the section 'Administration' - this tab will only be visible to Security Administrators of Passwordstate


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