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Using Passwordstate to store Credit Card details


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Passwordstate is generally know as a password vault, but it can also be used to securely store other types of data as well.  We do get queries quite often about what's the best way to store Cred Card information, and the answer is this is to create a custom Password list with the following fields:




You'll notice the standard Username and Password fields have been omitted, and four Generic Fields have been created and are set to be encrypted.  You can add in as many different card companies in the Card Type field as you need, and you'll also see the Card Number and CSV fields are set to be a "Password" type field.  This is because these fields will then be masked when you have them open on the screen, making it slightly more secure.  This is what a record will look like for a Personal Credit card:


Screen 1: The view when clicking on your custom Password List - notice the masked fields for security:




Screen 2: When directly opening the record:






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