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Installing Passwordstate using an existing SQL server

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I am planning an installation of Passwordstate using an existing SQL 2014 server but a brand new database. In the installation instructions it states:


Important: SQL Server must be configured for mixed-mode authentication, so the Passwordstate web site can connect to SQL Server using an SQL Account. Active Directory Accounts cannot be used to authenticate against the database.

But I also found this concerning using Managed Service Accounts:



Which is correct? I would prefer to use an AD Service Account or Managed Service Account if possible but don't want to waste time trying to make it work if it isn't supported.


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During the initial setup, you must use a SQL Account. Once that's complete, you can convert over to an MSA account. Technically we could also allow an MSA account during the initial install, but there are manual steps required for this, which would be a pretty poor experience the first time you are evaluating Passwordstate.

Click Studios

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