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Certification/Compliance Reports

Guest Sachaed

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Hi Sachaed


First, I'm not an employee from Clickstudios, so this is not an official answer to your question :)


As you can read under this link, they use OWASP Development Methodology, they have FIPS Support and they also do Application Penetration Testing with externals companies.


Best regards,



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Thanks Fabian :)


Hi Sachaed,


Are you evaluating the version 8 beta at the moment? If so, we have many new reports you can run from the screen Administration -> Passwordstate Administration -> Reporting.


Or, if you are looking for some information about compliance to various standards like NIST, PCI-DDS, HIPAA, etc, then can you please contact us via our following support page, and we can email you a spreadsheet regarding this - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx


Click Studios

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