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User Account Policy for User Preferences -> Password Tab Settings

Fabian Näf

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I', referencing to this post.


It would be glad, if we could set the options under User Preferences -> Password Tab by User Account Policies. 

Specially "Limit the number of displayed Nodes (Password Lists and Folders) in the Navigation Tree to" and the new feature "Use Load On Demand Feature for faster loading and expanding of Nodes in the Passwords Navigation Tree" would be great, if it could be configured by User Account Policy.


As described in the referencing post, we have a lot of nodes. Currently every user needs to set this settings by hand (or we have to set it in the database for them). So I thought it would be the best option, if we could set this by User Account Policy by default for all users. 


Best regards,



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Hi Fabian,

Thanks for your request, and we can look into this in a future build for you. Out of interest, how many users are affected by this for you - we don't think we have you listed as purchasing any licenses, but possibly you have done so using a different email address?

Click Studios

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