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Server error when clicking on username


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I did an update from Version 7 (latest available version) to version 8 today. Everything went well and 100% of the functionality we use is up and running. So we are back in business. I did a manual update as per the instructions in the version 8 upgrade document.


However, I've come across a server error (IndexOutOfRangeException) when I click on my username in the top right corner next to the "Power button". Otherwise everything else I've tested seems to work as intended.



1. Restart server

2. iisreset

3. Uninstall and reinstall passwordstate

  • saved web.config
  • deleted inetpub,
  • Ran the installer
  • fixed up the new web.config with required values
  • same as before


My guess is it's a database thing?


See attached pictures and the event log below.












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Hi Jack,


We're really sorry about this issue, and we're annoyed we never picked it up during the beta testing phase with other customers.

It is an issue with our code (not data related), and only affects customers who are using the Forms-Based Authentication version of Passwordstate - Active Directory authentication is not affected at all.


We need to release a new build to fix this, which we will have done by the end of the week. If there's anything specific in Preferences you would like changed, let us know as we may be able to help you modify data directly in the database - depending on what you need changed.


Click Studios

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26 minutes ago, support said:

Hi Everyone,


This is now fixed as of Build 8065.



Click Studios



Sorry i didn't make time to be a part of the beta. But nothing better than a reply like this the day after reporting a bug.


Thanks again.

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