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Found issues with V8 upgrade


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I'll preface this as saying that while I'm noticing them now, if I check on previous replicas, it seems the issue was there but wasn't directly impacting us until now. 


I upgraded from version 7 to 8, and started getting notifications about the transaction logs being on the large side. I tried logging into the DB, and...SA credentials don't work. I didn't forget the SA credentials, since I have PasswordState to save them! But, I can't get in as SA. I can't get in as a network user, as that wasn't set up at the time (first DB I set up after joining, and I didn't know any better). So, I look up things online about opening it as a single user in order to reset the SA password, and it says issue with instance ID or DB corrupt. Ok, that scares me enough to spin up a new server. Not a bad idea anyway. 


But, I'm now unsure of the best way to migrate from the old server to the new one. It's a change of 2012R2/ SQLExpress 2012 to 2016/SQLE2016. Both running the same version of 8 (8065 sounds right). 

Unfortunately, when I try to run an export, it fails. When I ran the ugprade from 8058 to 8065 (I think those were the numbers), it succeeded. I'm not sure why it fails manually but succeeds automatically.

any insights or pointers would be appreciated. I know I can export all passwords, but I've yet to find a way to import all the password lists, and it gives me almost 4000 errors when I run the test. I think there's about 87 lists.

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You can use the following article as a guide for moving your Passwordstate database to a new server - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/move-new-database-server.aspx


If you also need to move the web site as well, you can follow these instructions - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/move-new-web-server.aspx


We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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