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Telnet connection to Procurve switches - no auto login


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We have a number of older procurve switches - eg ProCurve J9087A Switch 2610-24 - which display a "Press any key to continue" prompt/splash upon telnet connection, before they will accept username and password.


The remote session launcher doesn't get past the prompt by default.  


How do we get the RSL to pass this prompt before entering the credentials?   





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We think you should be able to modify our PowerShell script for this to work. The script can be found here - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Passwordstate Remote Session Launcher\PSLauncher.ps1".

Can you try adding the line below just before the other two SendKey commands, that you see in my screenshot below. This will cause the Enter key to be clicked.


[System.Windows.Forms.SendKeys]::SendWait("{ENTER}") #Send keystrokes


We hope this helps.




Click Studios

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