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Linking Hosts to Passwords

Guest Chris

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We upgraded to version 8 today, and I updated my instance of Remote Session Launcher.


Under Passwords in a folder called Network Equipment we have our network switches set with their different user accounts. We still get heartbeats but there is no longer the dropdown to access a manually selected host with the credentials provided.




I've gone to the Hosts tab, and our hosts are all there, however they are not linked to passwords, so the Launch button is grayed out. I created a test query that points to one specific credential set




Which then allows the Launch button to be used, but when launched, doesn't actually apply the credentials listed. Or rather, it applies the username (admin), but the password field is left blank.




What am I missing?





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I actually just stumbled on what I was running into. I have Putty autosaving logfiles. When it opens a new instance, it prompts with the following screen about whether or not it should append or not. The username is being entered, then the popup is blocking the password. Is there a workaround other than disabling the log file capture?



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Hi Chris,


We've never come across a customer who has enabled this logging in putty, so we're not really sure if there is a fix for it. All remote sessions are logged in Passwordstate in the Auditing table, so is it necessary to have this logging enabled?


If you look in the PSLauncher.ps1 file, there is the ability to attach to processes and perform keystrokes, so maybe you could do something like this to acknowledge this popup, but it might take a bit of testing to achieve. Not sure if this is a separate process though, so it might be a bit difficult.


Click Studios

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