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Screen Options 2-column mode for Zones


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I've noticed that there is some issue with configuring screen options.

I used to set all panels in myscreen options within one column (panel below panel).

But now I've lost possibility to set it in this way because can't move Zones below.

If i Try to move panel to other zone it completes with error that Zone can't be empty (as in screenshot)

Pleeeeeease let me choose one column mode as it was in earlier versions , my 12" laptop crush that Password Home view with no mercy :)




Best Regards


Edited by Jagrys
updated, once observed problem with 2-column mode (while enabled Zone1 nad 3) but cannot reproduced
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Hi Albert,

We're sorry, but the organization of these Zones cannot be in one column - Passwordstate is not really designed for small 12" screens.


If you're happy with only 2 of these grids, you can leaves the others in Zone 2 and 4, and just disable them - this will give you the one column effect.


Click Studios

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Hi Jagrys,


You are right, in version 8 we reduced the amount of panels from 6 to 4, with three panels on either side.  We did this to remove "Hosts" from the Passwords Home screen, as Hosts now has it's own dedicated Tab in the new version.


If you are only needing favorite passwords and search, would setting up your panels like my screenshot below work for you? 



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