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disable or restrict request password feature


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Can I disable in anyway the request password access feature selectively or globally? 


The only thing I have found is 

When users are 'Requesting Access' to passwords, hide the following fields due to possible sensitive information being stored in them:

UserName Description Notes


via " Request Access to Password Lists" you can still see names of all password lists and their descriptions 

password list names, folder names, passwords list descriptions can be revealing also


ideally I could set object level  list/folder/password permissions that  then allow a user of group to view names in order to request access 

don't really want every user to be able to enumerate descriptive names of every object in the system..


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Yes, you can. If you go to the screen Administration -> Feature Access, and then click on the 'Menu Access' tab, you can apply permissions to each menu here.


Basically you can hide this menu from users, but it relates to all password records and Password Lists.


We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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