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Nested Groups


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This would be very nice to have when setting permissions up.


When we have new hires, we need to remember to add the user to maybe half a dozen security groups depending on what that person's role will be.


It would be great to be able to add the user to a group "Level 1" and then "Level 1" is a member of the group that has write access to a list - just like standard Windows ACLs.


So the feature request would be to allow groups to be members of other groups.

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Hi mtopper,


Thanks for your request, and we'll need to consider if this is something we wish to implement - we already get a lot of support calls over "permissions' confusion, and I think this could lead to even more confusion with managing permissions/reporting etc.

We'll let you know if we decide we wish to do this is a future release.


Click Studios

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