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autoupgrade without backup


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Hi I've created a user for automatic upgrades, without doing 1 or 4  but have done 2 & 3 

Please note the backup account you specify below must have: 
       1. Write Access to the Backup Path
       2. Write Access to the Passwordstate folder
       3. Permissions to stop and start the Passwordstate Windows Service
       4. And the SQL Server Windows Service must be configured with an account which also has Write Access to this Backup Path. 


if I don't want to do backup with the upgrade, do I need to still setup the path with permissions to it? - I can't test if the user is capable of up upgrading because it tests the backup path for write perms regardless that "Exclude Backup of Database" is ticked ? 


when running  an upgrade:  the UpgradeLog says: 


Passwordstate upgrade started.
Stopping of the Passwordstate Windows Service started.
Stopping of the Passwordstate Windows Service completed.
Downloading of file passwordstate_upgrade.zip started.

The following error occurred during preparing for an upgrade - Authentication Failed = Please check if the UserName and Password you have specified for Backups and Upgrades is correct.
 The following error occurred during preparing for an upgrade - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - Method = DownloadButton_Click


I can login and restart the service as this user .. user is a local windows account specified hostname\username 



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If you do not want to perform backups, then your backup account only needs to:

  • Restart the Passwordstate Windows Service
  • Overwrite all files in the Passwordstate folder

Have you disabled both the 'Exclude Backup of Database' and 'Perform backup prior to an any In-Place Upgrades' options?


Click Studios

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Exclude Backup of Database :  You would generally only exclude database backups if you have an established backup process.
In-Place Upgrade Backups :  Perform backup prior to an any In-Place Upgrades.



these are my settings ^^^ I read this configuration to mean no backups will happen during upgrade


I have given the user 

full permissions on the Passwordstate Windows Service

fullcontrol on C:\inetpub\Passwordstate


error as above 

the passwordstate.zip doesn't download, if I do so manually and then hit upgrade it fails the same errors in UpgradeLog.txt  as above and the same in the web ui: 

HTTP Download Error

It appears there is an issue in downloading the file http://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/passwordstate_upgrade.zip from Click Studios' web site. 

This could be caused by numerous things, including internal or external network issues, internal proxy server issues, or timeouts while downloading the file. The log file /upgrades/UpgradeLog.txt may be able to provide some more detail. 

To progress with the upgrade, you can manually download the file above and place it in the /upgrades folder of your Passwordstate install, then click on the Restart Upgrade button below. 



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Hi Unlimited resource,


Could you send us a screenshot of your backup settings please?  We'd just like to confirm yours is set the same as ours.  You are welcome to send it to support@clickstudios.com.au if you don't want to paste it into these forums?




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So there is a couple of issues going on here - the one where it cannot access the source files is possibly because of a proxy issue not letting the local windows account reach out to the internet.  But you managed to get around that by downloading the source files manually and placing them in the upgrades folder.  When you do this, it looks like the password might be incorrect for this local windows account.  The test button that we have on this backup screen will not work as this is intended for use for Active Directory accounts only.  Could you try to reset the password on the local Windows account in Windows, and then change it in Passwordstate to match,  save your settings and then click the "Test Permissions" button on this page.  Does this return a successful result?


Could I also get you to remove the logon as the Passwordstate Windows Service and return it to "Local System"?


If these options don't work, please add the account to the local Administrators group and try again to see if that fixes it.


I have just tested the exact same settings on my Passwordstate instance I have installed at home, which is on an isolated work group machine, and it works as expected.  I guess this is good as it rules about any bugs.  here is a screenshot of my settings and the Test Permissions button:



If none of these options work, possibly just do a manual upgrade by following section 5 of the upgrade document?  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf


Hope this helps,



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Previously you said 'full permissions on the Passwordstate Windows Service' - we thought you had modified the login account for the Service - we weren't exactly sure what you meant by this.


Can you please have a look at the section 'Backups and Upgrades' in the Security Administrator's manual in the Help menu. In here we have full documentation for configuring this feature, even when you don't have administrator rights on the server. The documentation is for a domain account, which is recommended over a local account, but the principles should be the same.


Have a look at the sections 'Automatic Backup Troubleshooting' and  'Non Local Administrator Rights for the Backup Account on the Web Server', as these should help.


And no, it's not trying to write to the disk via UNC path.



Click Studios

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