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Departing Employee Procedure


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In Passwordstate 8, we have a new feature which allows you to automatically recycle passwords that a departing employee has had access to.  If the password records are set up for automatic resets, for example if it was an Active Directory account, or a Linux account, then the passwords will also be recycled out on this systems automatically.  This can save a lot of time manually resetting passwords in your environment.


To use this feature, go to Administration -> Password Lists -> Perform Bulk Processing -> Bulk Password import:



Under the Search Filter section, select the departing employee username, the site as Internal, (unless you are using the Remote Site Locations Module in which case you'll have some external sites to choose from), and the historical user activity option.  Once you do this, click Search and it will return all passwords that are recommended to be changed:




For the Schedule, click now to to set the current time, or choose a time in the future by using the calendar and time icons:



Now under the Search Results grid, if you only want to reset "some" of the recommended passwords, select the ones you require, and click the "Add Selected Records to the Queue", otherwise just hit "Add All Records to the Queue":




Now sit back and let Passwordstate do the rest:)





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