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Burt Mascareigne

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Hey All


I just upgrade from v7 to b8 (8180) and I could never get the inplace upgrade working. So I decided to upgrade manually.


It all appears fine, I have everything, but when I log on to it, it is asking for a "New Database" or a "Blank Database"


I could not find the "Existing Database".


I have selected "Blank Database"


It is just "spinning" on Please Wait.


The logs are stuck here:


Resolving host name of database server...
Executing creation of temporary table...
Finished creation of temporary table...
Test Connection successfully finished.


Did I stuff my installation?  I can just restore the entire machine to yesterday I guess.  Should I make the extra effort to get In Place working?

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Hi Burt,


It sounds like you've done a new install over the top of your existing install, instead of an upgrade, as it definitely shouldn't be asking you to create a new database. 


The official instructions to do a manual upgrade can be found in section 5 of This Document:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf


I would recommend at this stage rolling back your VM and then following those instructions I linked above.  Then maybe concentrate on getting the automatic upgrades working.  We can assist with this if you report back here in the forums what type of error you are getting, or you are welcome to email us directly on support@clickstudios.com.au.


We are about to release a whole bunch of new videos on how to do manual upgrades, in-place upgrades, backups and restores etc, and if you keep an eye on our Youtube channel you should be able to watch these tutorials in a couple of weeks.



Hope this helps:)


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