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Adding in A Host that does not have functioning DNS


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To add in a host as an IP Address may be necessary in some circumstances, and as of Build 8165 we have introduced a new field called 'Title" on the host records, to make managing these types of Hosts easier in your system.  If you take a look at this first screenshot, you'll see that I've added the Host name in as an IP Address, but I've given it a specific title:




If you now go to add this host into a folder by using this option:



You'll notice you can search for the "Title", and it will find the host via the IP Address:



Now when accessing it from the Folder, it will display as the Title:



Alternatively, if you were to use the host on a Password Record and have it set up to do password resets, you would select it by its IP Address:




Hope this helps,




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