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Reporting: hosts without password objects


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Hi again!


I've been dutifully adding hosts into PasswordState and I've also ran discoveries against them. However, only 60% of them reported local admin accounts. Figuring out which hosts don't have password objects yet is becoming a bit of a hassle. I'd love to have a report or two which tell me which hosts don't have password objects associated with'm. And the other way around, it'd be great if there's a report for orphaned password objects, where the host has gone missing or "unmanaged".


Did I perhaps overlook an option that already allows this?



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Hi Bukit,


Sorry, but we do not have any reports for this sort of thing, but we can look into it in a future release.


Shouldn't all your Windows Hosts have at least one Local Admin account - do you think there is some sort of issue with our Account Discovery Job? In the next release we've added an option for the Discovery Jobs, as per the screenshot below - so this might help troubleshoot any issues with this.





Click Studios

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Yes all of our Windows boxen should have a local admin account, but sometimes the privileged account used for discovery cannot login (due to AD policies). Right now, the discovery jobs do not seem to provide logging about these kinds of errors, which is why I'm asking for the report: this allows me to trace which hosts may have had login issues for the discovery account.


Of course, I'd much rather also have a report or log about the recent discovery runs ;) That would help me troubleshoot even better! The error console does not show these kinds of issues.

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If there is some sort of error happening when scanning the hosts, the email report you get back should highlight this in Red. Are you seeing this?


Nope, not seeing that because we have zero email capabilities, hence why I'd like to have more built-in logging capabilities. :) 

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Hi Click Studios team


Did you consider to add these kind of report in the meantime?

In my environment I can see in the hosts tab that I have 450 hosts and 260 linked passwords. But unfortunately I didn't find yet any report to see, which hosts don't have a linked password. And before I start scripting, I would like to ask you guys if there is already something in place.


Thank you and kind regards,


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