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Backup / Restore - requiring Account & Host now


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We have been testing / using PasswordState for several months on a Windows 10 PC.  We decided to continue using it and placed it on a Windows 10 virtual machine.  The build on the VM is 8180 and I believe we had 8165 installed before.  We did a backup on the old machine and restored it onto the new build on the VM.  


Since this has been completed, we have been having issues with a "Master template" we have been using for the Password List.  Now, we are REQUIRED to enter a "Account Type" and "Domain or Host".  We do not want those field to be required, but cannot find out where this has become required to change it.


Any help at all would be appreciated!



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Hello Chuck,


You are seeing this because of the option you see below being enabled on your Template or Password List - someone must have checked this, as the migration/upgrade would not have done this.




We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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