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Hi guys,

I've installed Passwordstate and now exploring its features.


After adding and AD security group the system has imported all users from that group, all good.

But when I change or view passwords (or any other actions) in a password list, every person from that group (I am also there) receives immediate notification via email about the corresponding event.


Q1. I don't remember configuring this. Is it made by default?


Q2. Is there an easy way to disable this and just enable for specific users?


The way I found - is to disable notifications under "User accounts -> %username% -> View Email Notifications". But that requires to edit every single user manually..





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Hi Alexey,


When you change or view passwords, the emails get sent to all users who have access to that Password List - so they are aware of any changes. If this is not required, then you have 3 options:

  • On the screen Administration -> Email Templates, disable the appropriate templates (this will disable for all users)
  • On the screen Administration -> Email Notification Groups, create a notification group with the templates you want disabled, and then apply permissions to which users are affected by this Notification Group
  • Or users can disable their own email notifications from under the menu Preferences -> Email Notifications.

I hope this helps.


Click Studios

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