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Fallback to forms logon page when SSO fails

Rohan Power

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Hi CS,


We have configured PS for SSO (by disabling Anonymous auth in IIS as per the manual).  We also have a mixture of users configured in PS, some that use their primary account to log in and others that use a secondary 'admin' account to log in.


For the users that have a secondary account, is there a way to configure PS to fallback to the default forms logon page, rather than be presented with the standard IIS authentication window?  



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Hi Rohan,


That IIS prompt you are seeing with SSO enabled shouldn't occur, and this can be fixed by following this forum post:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1305-passwordstate-prompts-for-authentication/



Now once you gave that work, what will happen is when accessing Passwordstate, it will sign in with the user account that is logged into Windows.  For those users that have a second Admin account, it should show a page saying "Could not find User", and will give them the opportunity to log in with another account.


Now this isn't true SSO, but basically that is a limitation of IIS unfortunately.  However, a possible workaround for these Admin users is to have a script pinned somewhere, desktop or taskbar, that is running your browser as their Admin account.  This way, they shell of the browser will be running as their Admin account each tmie they launch it, and those credentials will be the ones that are passed though to Passwordstate.


Sorry I couldn't help much more with this.  We do tend to get the same sort of question with Mac users and SSO.  




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