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I recently installed Passwordstate 8.2 (Build 8256) for evaluation within my organization and so far have been very impressed.  I did come upon a potential issue with the Hosts tab which I'm hoping to get more insight on.  I created a handful of nested folders that contain a few test hosts.  On a secondary test user account, even with no permissions assigned, it could see those test hosts as being listed. 


I looked through the user manual for information on this and on page 149 it states the following:

Note: By default, all users have access to all features under this Hosts tab. It is recommended a Security Administrator of Passwordstate visit the page Administration -> Passwordstate Administration -> System Settings -> Hosts tab, and review each of the varying levels of access, and modify permissions as appropriate.


Driving down into the indicated settings path does not reveal any settings regarding Hosts permissions access.  I've attached a screenshot of what I do see.


So my question is, am I missing something?  Is there another sub-menu that I should be exploring instead?  I did try implementing a number of different permissions settings to try removing access to the test account, but everything I've tried still results in those hosts being visible on that test account.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hosts Settings-01.JPG

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Hi IT-Guy,


Sorry about this, as our documentation is out of date here - I have corrected for the next release.

Please go to Administration -> Passwordstate Administration -> Feature Access -> Hosts tab, and you will see the options to restrict access here if required.


Click Studios

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