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Installation doesn't start

Guest Maxime

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Guest Maxime

Dear team,


I am trying to install your software on a local server in my company with a try-license.


After following your installation documentation, when I go to the link https://MYSERVER:9119/, the "Internet information Services" from IIS.


I tried too https://MYSERVER:9119/setup, but I have a 404 error page.


Could you please help ?

Thank you a lot in advance, 

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Hi Maxime,


So we don't share potentially sensitive information in the forums, can you contact us via the following support page, and share the following - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx:


  • A screenshot of the Application Pools in IIS
  • A screenshot of your bindings for the Passwordstate site in IIS
  • And also confirm if you have a firewall enabled at all

Thanks very much.


Click Studios

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