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Hi -


We are currently evaluating PasswordState and the experience has been positive so far.


One option which doesn't appear to be covered in the User Account Policies is which fields are visible by default for users when returning search results.  For our users we'd like to be able to include "User Name" by default.  Is this possible to configure at all?


It looks like this setting can be set individually on the Screen Options view of the Passwords Home.


Many thanks,



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Hi Tom,


Thanks for your query, and feedback about our software.


Currently we don't have an option for this in User Account Policies, mainly because every Password List can be configured with different fields. Saying that, the Username field is checked by default here, for all new Password Lists created - and also from Passwords Home. If this is not currently checked, is it possible someone has unchecked it? Although, these are also "per user" settings, so I would have thought only you could have deselected it.


I hope this makes sense, and please let me know if what I'm saying appears different to what you are seeing.


Click Studios

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