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No "Enable Synchronization with" Box


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Hello guys,


I've setup PasswordState 8344 without issue, logged in and got my domain linked. I've added a security group and it is showing user numbers ( domain users (351)), I've gone to create a list but I do not have the Enable synchronization with dropdown as highlighted in the manual:



and on my screen:



As far as I can tell, the sync is working as it can locate users in my Security Groups? Is there another way I can check?



Any assistance welcome!

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Hi Kieran,


Can you tell us where you got that first screenshot below from – it’s really old, and we need to remove it from any active documentation we have.


The setting you are now looking for is below on the Password List, and we have many examples of how to configure resets on the following forum - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/forum/31-password-resets/


With your reference to Security Groups below, this also has nothing to do with Password Lists – Security Groups in the Admin area is used to import AD accounts on the User Accounts screen in the Administration area, and then use either the Security Groups or User Accounts to apply permissions throughout our software.





Click Studios

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