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Password List support for authentication source


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I'm evaluating passwordstate. I tried to use the feature to save username/password from a website into password state. The site I'm trying to login to has three fields. Authentication source, username and password.


This seems to confuse passwordstate.


1)When it gets username and password form passwordstate, it fills the username into the first two fields.

2)If I try to save username/password from the site, it takes that authentication field and password fields and add them into the save dialogue box.


This way to do login is becoming the normal way for how VMware implements logins.



Is there a way to get this to work correctly, with three fields?






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Hi Michael,


Thanks for your enquiry, and interest in our software.


At this stage our browser extensions on support two fields (Username and Password), but we do plan on investigating what's required to extend this further. It will be some time before we can achieve this though, as we have quite a few feature requests we're currently working through - we hope that's okay.


Click Studios

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