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Error accessing Passwordstate website


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When browsing to your Passwordstate website, you may see a couple of different types of errors which are stopping you from accessing the website.  This post will help you resolve these issues.


First Issue:

When first installing Passwordstate, by default the URL it chooses during the install will be the name of your web server, with a port number of 9119.  These values can be changed but this post will assume you have left the default values during the install.  If you enter the URL without appending the port you will see this message:



The correct way to append the port is to enter it like this, and if you have the correct URL and Port your site should then load successfully:



To check your URL and Port Number, open IIS on your web server, and go to Bindings.  In the example below, the exact URL you should enter into your browser should be https://win2k16installs:9119



To make an easier URL to type in and remember, you can set the Port in IIS as 443, as this is the standard Port that HTTPS traffic communicates on.  If you do not append a port to your URL, your web browser is smart enough to know that your site is configured with 443.  If you change the port, you should restart the website in IIS and then try to access the site again.  Here's some screenshots to show how this works:






If you wanted to change the URL to something more friendly, like https://passwordstate, please see this forum post which will guide you through the process:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1465-changing-the-passwordstate-url/



To conclude this post:

For basic quick access to your Passwordstate website, you should set your bindings to be the DNS name of your web server, and if you have set a port for the site to anything else other than 443, then you should append that number to your URL in your browser.


Hope this helps and if you still have issues, please contact Click Studios on support@clickstudios.com.au








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