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Active Directory User name changes, created new user account in passwordstate


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We are working on setting up and rolling out Passwordstate to our employees. We had some employees have a name change, and once passwordstate updated the group that grants access to passwordstate, it created their updated username from AD as a new user in passwordstate. If this were live for them at the moment, they would be logging into a new fresh account with a blank password list instead of any lists and passwords that are on their old username.


Is there a setting or a way to get the user accounts to properly update with the new username/email by matching the SID?

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Hi Jordan,


At this stage we do not use the SID, but it's something we're planning on working on it.


You can however go to the Administration -> User Accounts screen, and then click on the 'Clone User Permissions' button to clone permissions across for these accounts.


Click Studios

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