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IIS Account and Service Account Reset


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So I am looking into having our IIS Application Pool passwords be auto reset every 30 days, but they are also Active Directory Accounts. Right now I can reset Active Directory accounts but I am not given the option to Reset IIS accounts. I've read through the manual and seen the examples with Service Accounts but they are not translating over to IIS Pool accounts. I do not get the Reset Windows IIS Application Pool Password Powershell scripts that is built into Password State. 

But even if I did get the Application Pool script, how would I go about having Passworstate update the password but in Windows Active Directory and on the individual servers as well? Would I have to create two password entries and have them linked? I don't know if that's the best recommended practice, so I figured I would ask. Thank you ahead of time.



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Once you have an Active Directory account in Passwordstate which is enabled for resets, you can manually add "Dependencies" to it, like in the screenshots below. So when the AD account is reset, it will reach out to the linked Hosts, and reset any associated dependencies after that. So you will first need to add your Host records within the Hosts tab in Passwordstate - you can add these manually, import them, use a Hosts Discovery Job, or even script the import via our API.


Something which is a lot easier to use is our Account Discovery Jobs - you can find these under the Tools menu. With the Windows Dependency Discovery Job, you can automate this entire setup.


I hope this helps.








Click Studios

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