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Synchronize passwords AD

Guest Daniel

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Guest Daniel



i have the newest version of passwordstate installed and connected to our active directory.

It works great so far.

I created a passwordlist with some active directory accounts in it and enabled "reset and heartbeat" - works.

Now lets say i want to create a new passwordlist for websites and I want to store our intranet website in it  (with url).

The intranet site login is an active directory account. So how can I synch this two passwords? The one in the "AD password list" and the one from the "website password list"?

The goal is, to change only one password and if you browse to the intranet site again, the plugion fills out the new password automatically.

Tried this article, but it didn't work: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/blog/synchronize-passwords-with-active-directory/





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Hi Daniel,


With these web site where you login with your domain account, do you login with the format of domain\username or username@domain.com (FQDN format)? 

If it's the FQDN format, then you should be able to use the one Password record for this. On the Password List where you have your AD accounts stored now, check the option to use the URL fields as well - just edit the properties of the Password List,. Now specify the Username field in FQDN format, and you will still be able to perform resets, as well as login to these web sites using our browser extensions.

We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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