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Browser plugin auto-fill multiple fields


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From reading other posts in "feature requests", I notice that you are working on a new browser plugin.


Just wondered if you intend to support auto-filling multiple fields as we discussed a little while back



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Hi Core,  We certainly are but we are only in the very early stages.  We expect this to take 2 - 3 months unfortunately.  We're making some big changes:)


I think there's another forum post in here which mentions some websites that have more than 2 fields, but do you have any specific websites of your own, that we could possibly join up to and test ourselves?




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Sorry for the radio silence!


Here's an example https://eu.myconnectwise.net/ but you need a paid account.  I know there are others but I can think of any of the top off my head.


Another example would be entering credit card details, obviously not username/password data but nonetheless the same functionality could be used if it were flexible enough.


As I previously mentioned in my other thread, the software we currently use does not restrict the number of fields nor what fields can be mapped and auto-inserted and hence can handle logins that require multiple fields as well as the credit card scenario.

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