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Upgrade/migrate vs new installation

Guest DebraW

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Guest DebraW

We currently have an older version (5.3) but we desire the latest version utilizing a different web server BUT will keep using the existing db server.
We know it is possible to upgrade and migrate but thought it might be easier and cleaner to install the latest version as a completely new install.
The desire with this new install would be to get the existing folders and passwords from the old into the new.
I have looked through the documentation and videos for install, upgrade, and migrate but am not quite clear on what pieces of each of these we might need to do with a new install.
Could you give me guidance on the following:
1. Given the statements above, is doing a fresh install better than the upgrade and migrate process?
2. Without doing an upgrade/migrate, is it possible to get the existing folders and passwords into the new version? If so, how?
3. Even with a completely new install, would we still need to do some or all of the upgrade and migration tasks? If so, which ones?
4. What would we have to do with the existing database before the installation (since installing db is part of the process)? If a new db is installed, can we get the existing data into the new db OR is that what would be done in question 2 above?
5. Would all the user accounts have to be manually set up again in the new version?

Your help and advice is appreciated.

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