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Having to reboot once a week


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Everything works great. Day by day, folks login and out, copying passwords to their clipboards, backups run, and AD syncs every 30 minutes...

Until, suddenly, no one can login. Web page comes up, but no one can login. Not knowing how things work, I restart IIS. Nothing. I restart PasswordState service. Nothing. I check the Application event log. Nothing. I check the System event log. Nothing. I checked IIS logs. Didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

I reboot. It fixes it. Everything is back to normal.

I have researched and turned on Debug AD Sync Data. I will wait for a week and see what that turns up, but I wanted to go ahead and drop a thread here in case someone knows something I don't (which very easily might be the case).

If there are any logs I need to check that I haven't already checked, please point me in that direction and I will check them AND post them.

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Hi Luke,


We don't think it's related, as restarting the Passwordstate Windows Service would free memory from this executable, but we're going to be doing some testing this weekend, to see if there are some issues with memory not being released after the AD sync process - possibly this is the cause. Can you tell us how may users and security groups you would be synchronizing?


Click Studios

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