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Permission for Recycle Bin


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is it possible to set Permissions for the Recycle bin so normal users cant empty it? 


We are using the Recycle bin as the Place where Passwords go that are not in use anymore but maybe needed in an Emergency. 

Today we had the Case that we had to reactivate an old Server to recover some data and without the Password the Process would have been taken longer. 


You never know when one of our users discovers the Recycle bin and for some Reason empties the damn thing ^^ 








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Hello Florian,


At the moment, any user who has Modify or Admin rights to a Password List can empty the Recycle Bin. Instead of storing credentials in the recycle bin when they may be needed later, would it be better to move these accounts to some type of "Archive" Password List, and then you can control who has access there?


Click Studios

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