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Differnce between Auto and Manual Launch


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is there a difference in how the Client Remote Session launcher gets executed between "Auto Launch" and "Manual Launch". 


On some of your Costumers Servers we are running a Novell client, when i click the "Auto Launch" the Login fails, but when i use the "Manual Launcher" and select the same Password Entry that is used by the "Auto Launch" the login works, so there seems to be a slight difference here on how the RDP session gets started.  If someone could point me into the right direction I could debug it myself.




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Hello Florian,


Technically there is no real difference here - both pass encrypted parameters to a PowerShell file, calling the same method in the file - and the file called is C:\Program Files (x86)\Passwordstate Remote Session Launcher\PSLauncher.ps1.


So you don't share any sensitive information in a public forum, maybe contact us via our Support page and provide screenshots of the two methods you're using - so we can see the format of the account your authenticating with, and we'll review our script and see if there is some difference here,


Click Studios

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