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Hiding Individual Passwords


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Hi FundusHai,


We don't have a feature to hide passwords, but we do have the concept of individual permissions.  Not sure if this can help you out though, but maybe you could give your user access to all of the passwords except the one you want to hide?  Access to individual passwords can be granted from the Actions menu of each password.




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sorry for the late Reply but we had to discuss this Topic. 


Yes, it would be Possible to give every Password Individual Permissions but quite frankly that will just result in a huge mess and Complicated Password Permission Management.

It would be far easier to just Manage Permissions per Password List and than Hide individual Passwords in these Lists in my Opinion.

Or maybe you could withdraw Permissions to Passwords in an Individual Basis, but I'm not sure if that's Possible to Implement


Maybe it's the way our Passwordstate is structured that makes it complicated. We have Folders for every Location/Costumers and in each Folder, we have the Same Lists (i.E Servers, Websites, FTP, Databases and so on).

You could say we can add additional Lists with the "Sensitive Passwords" that only Selected People could see, but I think that wouldn´t be that much better. It would result in a huge amount of Lists in each Folder and make it more confusing to work with. 

Usually, we only have a few Passwords per Location that are really "Sensitive" which is another reason why I think adding extra Lists for these is to much. 


Maybe some other users could give some Examples of how they manage the separation between Passwords only a few People are allowed to know and Passwords everyone can see. 




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Hi Findus,


Hopefully some other customers will provide some feedback on this as well, but in our experience, if there are a few sensitive passwords that not everyone is allowed to see, then customers generally put them in restricted Password Lists. This may be a issue if you are propagating permissions down from a folder, so they may need to be moved outside of that folder structure if that is the case.


Click Studios

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