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Need help with Mail Notifications

Guest Peter

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I have trouble setting up Mail Notifications. The Test Mail works fine, but all other Mail dont, they are all stuck in the Queued Emails. I checked with Wireshark, but there are only Outbound connections with the Test Mail.

1. Check to see if there are any 'Email Templates' disabled
--> certain Email Templates are enabled (I see the Mail in the Queued Emails View)


2. Check to see if there are any disabled emails for 'Email Notification Groups'
--> they are not


3. Check to see if the user has disabled email notifications as per their 'Preferences'
--> they are not


4. Check with Application Event Log on your web server for any errors.
--> There is only a Access (Get/Post) Log in the ISS Logs. The Windows Application Logs for the Service Passwordstate only shows some Infos, nothing relevant.


- I tested with and without TLS, same for Mailbox
- The Mailbox works fine (tested with Outlook)
- No Errors in the Error Console
- Telnetting from the Servers to the Mailserver works fine (EHLO, RCPT TO...)


Any Ideas?

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Hi Peter,


The only thing I can think of at this stage is your Passwordstate Windows Service is stopped.  Can you check that and let me know if that's the issue.


Just to clarify, when sending a test email, it does this directly through the website, but all scheduled emails are processed via the Windows Service.


Also if you restart the service, and you wait about 10 minutes, do any errors then come though to the Application event log?


Hope this helps:)

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