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Favorite Password list feature

Thomas W

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Can I suggest the star icon changes colour or design when you click on it for favorite passwords lists?

Otherwise you can't tell if you are in the full list or favorites only.


Also once you are in favorites if you do a search next to it, it doesn't work at all, doesn't even search just the favorites. You have to click the favorites icon again to go to the main list, and then you can search again.


And the real spelling of favourites would be nice too for Australian customers, but doesn't matter of course. Just keeps annoying me when writing this post as firefox suggests correcting it !

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Hi Thomas,


Sorry, but we do not have a feature for that unfortunately. We really don't have any suggested work arounds for this, except for the Favorite Password List panel on Passwords Home - see screenshot below. These panels can also be rearranged as well.





Click Studios

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