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Can't login to mobile site

Thomas W

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I had setup PS with the active directory options during install, and had setup some  AD user accounts previously and tested the mobile site (with pin) and it worked fine.

But I have since decided to use only local accounts in PS and not AD accounts,but now I can't login to the mobile site. (just get incorrect login details message)

If I create a AD integrated account then I can login with that to the mobile site, but not with any local PS accounts.


Under systems settings, mobile access options, I have enabled mobile access, and set the authentication method to mobile pin number. Then set a pin for my own account.


Is this a problem simply because I have the AD version installed?
If so can I convert it to a forms based install only?

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Hi Thomas,


With our mobile client, it does not support local login accounts sorry - only AD, or forms based logins. If you can contact us via our support page, we can provide a document for you to convert to Forms Based Authentication.


Click Studios

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