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Creating a Custom Scheduled Report


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You need to get automatic email notifications based on some activity in Passwordstate.  This forum post describes how to set up a Scheduled Report to achieve this.


Step 1:

Open Scheduled Reports from the left hand pane Reports Menu, and then click Add Report


Step 2.

By default, the report will be sent to you, but you can add another user email address in the CC field if required.  Ensure you tick the Do not send report if it produces no results, and choose the Custom Auditing Report type



Step 3:

Choose the scheduled to be any thing you like.  In this example I’ll create it to run every 5 minutes so the user will be email almost immediately after the event has been triggered.  If there's no activity to report, Passwordstate will not email anything to the users.  If it’s not urgent that the user finds out this information, you can choose a different time scale, like daily or weekly for example



Step 4:

Choose the Password List or Lists you’d like to monitor, the type of auditing activity that will trigger the report, and the amount of time to query data.  This should match your schedule in Step 3 so data in reports being sent do no overlap






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