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Password complexity

Guest Martin

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How do I set password completixy options for user accounts of Passwordstate? What I mean is, the accounts people use to login to the Passwordstate interface - NOT the passwords contained within passwordstate?



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Hi Martin,


It sounds like you are using the Forms-Based Authentication version of Passwordstate. Unfortunately we do not have a feature for this at this time, as the majority of our customers integrate Passwordstate with Active Directory.


We will look into this as a feature request at some stage though.


Click Studios

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Hi Guest Martin,


Just a quick message back to say we've now included some functionality for this in the latest build we received today.  This is taken straight from our Changelog:


"Added an option where Forms Based and Local Login accounts now have to adhere to a Password Strength Policy when resetting the passwords for user's login accounts"


If you get a chance to upgrade you should be able to take advantage of this new improvement to our software.  Thanks for suggesting it!




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