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[JIT] Just in Time Administration with PWS


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Hello fellow PWS users/admins,

I work for an organization that's just implemented PWS 8.
However we're running into issues using PWS in combination with Just-in-Time administration. In this case JIT means, passwords are randomly created on a daily basis.

In our previous software we were able to provide credentials with empty password fields, so it'd prompt every time due to empty password registrations.
When we try to create credentials without passwords to create a similair approach with PWS.

We've looked into the option of setting the private password registrations with the Web-API. However we're not able to provide API-access for all users. Is there any way to create a empty credential registration (description, (domain)), so it prompts for passwords every time connecting to a host without creating WinEvent ID 4625 for each logon to a host?

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Everyday we receive a different password for the same user account. So in previous password managers with RDP/SSH functionality, we'd create a credential registration with the loginname and a blank password.

In this way that software had to prompt every time we'd try to connect to resources, because it had no password to use when connecting.
If i try to make a private credential entry in PWS then i states these required fields. Is it possible in some way to create a credential entry without a password?
Just so it prompts for a password when trying to connect to a host using that credential entry?


2018-10-25 12_16_28-Window.png

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