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One account, multiple tasks/services on different systems?

Steve D.

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Question about account association across multiple systems / password lists here...




Server A runs an app that has services running under an AD domain account.


Server B has several AT tasks that use the same service account that the services are running under to perform tasks against those services.


If you have set-up password lists that are enabled for password reset for both services and tasks(separate lists), and the same account is used across both password lists, will they work together or fight each other? i.e. will the services password list change the password without updating both the tasks and the services, causing the services to continue to run but the tasks to fail?



Is password state smart enough to pick up on the fact that the same account is hosted across both password lists? Will it change the password in one list and update both the tasks and services across all instances of lists that are configured for password reset that found the account?




Do you need to keep them in the same password list for this to function?





Steve D.

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Hi Steve,


With our Password Resets, you should only even have one copy of the account in Passwordstate, otherwise it will start to be reset more than once, causing issues. If using our Account Discovery Jobs, then we take care of ensuring the account is unique, and all the appropriate dependencies will be linked to this account, as per the screenshot below.


So yes, one account in one Password List is what you need to do here.





Click Studios

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