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Password Validation Failing


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Just noticed this today. On Oct 8 we updated to build 8491 from build 8411. Ever since then the heartbeat checks for local windows OS accounts for domain member servers is failing. The passwords are correct but the validation checks fail. Just updated today to build 8537 and the heartbeat checks are still failing. Heartbeat checks for AD domain accounts are working, just not the local Windows accounts. All of the servers being checked are domain member servers.

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Here's the audit log entry. To reiterate all these systems are domain member servers on the same domain as the PasswordState server.


A scheduled Account Heartbeat check failed to validated the password for account {obscured} (\OS Accounts\Windows Local) of Account Type 'Windows' on Host {obscured}. Error = Failed to validate the local password for account '{obscured}' on Host '{obscured}' - This account is not authorized to connect to '{obscured}'. If '{obscured}' is a Workgroup machine, '{obscured}' must be a Local Administrator, and the 'LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy' registry key must be set correctly.

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