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"Specify account with Read access to query AD Users and Security Groups"


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Hi, during setup, I am asked to " Specify account with Read access to query AD Users and Security Groups ".  I cannot find the purpose of this account, whether it is temporary or permanent, specific to the application or any more general account, or what specific permissions are required for the purpose if I should create a new AD account.  I suppose I could just put in the administrator info, but I prefer to keep accounts and permissions as clean as possible. 


I apologize if this is clearly stated somewhere and I have missed it.  Please point me to the answer, or help me understand what I should do with this. 



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Hi Davep,


As you have selected the Active Directory Integrated authentication version of Passwordstate, we need you to specify an AD account which can query AD - so we can import other AD user accounts, and Security Groups. Generally an account with Domain Users access should be enough, unless you are also importing higher privileges accounts like Domain Admins, in which case we would suggest using an account which is in the Account Operators security Group.


We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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