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Remote image load


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We are evaluating the reset portal.  We have a custom image that we use as corporate branding on the main page.  It was uploaded via the System Settings branding and internally it works.  Externally, I just get a little box with a question mark.  I then copied that image (named logo.png) to the C:\inetpub\PasswordstateResetPortal\Content\assets\images folder, iisereset and tried again.  Same issue.


Read through the Security Admin manual and I've done what it suggests.  Do I have a PS issue, or is my firewall or Brocade LB to blame?

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Is this still happening after we discussed manually copying your logo across? If so, then maybe there is an entry in the database for your new logo, but it failed to upload to your site? Can you try the following for me:


Using SQL Server Management Studio, execute the query you see below:

USE Passwordstate

UPDATE [PR_SystemSettings] SET LogoFileName = NULL, LogoImage = NULL


Now restart IIS on both your Passwordstate web server, and where you have the portal installed.

Can you let me know if this helps?


Click Studios

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