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Trying to Convert selfdestruct folder to PasswordstateApps App Pool Problem


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Hi Brillbusi,


You should have a "Passwordstate Apps' application pool, which has three applications linked to it.  API, Mobile and Self Destruct.  If you look at the instructions under Help -> User Manual -> KB Articles -> Configure WinAPI after Version 8 upgrade, this will show you how to create an application pool and then convert an existing folder and link it to that pool.


Either try doing the above or uninstall/reinstall Passwordstate, as the initial install process does all this automatically for you.  Maybe just take a backup of you web.config file if you go down this path, and then replace it straight after you reinstall the website.  


If you performed some sort of manual move, then this might have caused it to not be configured properly.  Our official move documentation can be found here if you need it:








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