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I have been using Passwordstate for around 8 months now. It is heavily ingrained into my Sys Ops processes and sees regular daily use. I discovered that the logs are at an undesired size due to the daily usage, particularily the passwordstate logs for SQL Server. I am not a SQL Server admin and am not sure if there is a way to have old SQL logs either archived or purged.


Is there a way to completely purge old logs and is there an option to due automatic purging at a set time?






Upon further research I found out that the issue was caused by a growing transaction log. I set the recovery mode for the Passwordstate database to simple which will truncate the transaction log once a transaction has completed. This is acceptable due to limited data change and regular database backups.

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Thanks for letting us know.


If you ever need the ability to have point in time restores from transaction logs in the future, then SQL Server has maintenance jobs which can truncate and shrink the logs at backup time as well.


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