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Custom Account-Types not always showing up when adding new accounts


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We recently upgraded to version 8556 (from 7.6) and when attempting to assign the Account-Type on a new password account the custom Account-Types are not showing in the drop-down.  I've attached a pdf that contains snapshots supporting this error.


I was able to find a couple of workarounds, but would like to know if there is an 'official' solution on how this should be handled?


Workaround #1 - When in the Add New Password form, deselect both the 'Enabled for Resets' and 'Enabled for Heartbeat' options next to Managed Account.  When this is done, the custom Account-Types are displayed in the drop-down.


Workaround #2 - Modify the Password List Template to deselect the 'Enable Password Reset - allows password resetting with other systems'.  When this is done the Managed Account line including ‘Enabled for Resets’ and ‘Enabled for Heartbeat’ no longer shows up in the Add New Password form, and the custom Account-Types are displayed in the drop-down.


Thanks... Scott



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Hi Scott,


On the Images and Account Types screen in the Administration area, you will see the column Managed. When are record is tagged as this, which you cannot do yourself through the UI, then only these records will show for passwords when the 'Enabled for Resets' option is ticked - this is because these specific types of accounts can preselect reset and validation scripts.


So any of your own custom images you upload will only show on records that are not enabled for resets.

I hope this clarifies.


Click Studios

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