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Build Mismatch Error in Chrome Browser Extension


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We're receiving a Build Mismatch Error in the Chrome Browser Extension after upgrading from a 7.X version of Passwordstate to V8.5 (Build 8556) 


We followed the suggestions here to no avail:

We've also taken other troubleshooting steps, but the issue remains:

- Restart browser

- Uninstall/reinstall browser extension

- Clear cookies and site data


What other troubleshooting steps can we take?





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Thanks, we'll try this.


Just curious: why wasn't this a problem when we were on the 7.X version? Surely our api was several versions behind the browser extension then.


Also, will we need to upgrade the server every time the browser extension is updated?


Thanks and best regards,


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We also recently upgraded to 8556, and are having issues with the Browser Extensions for IE , Firefox and Chrome.  We have users that have downloaded the latest extension, and are now not able to use the plugin.


Unfortunately our Change Management process does not afford us to quickly upgrade to 8573 - it will take us at least 3 months to turn-around.


Is it possible to get a copy of the -1 version of these Browser Extensions (one that works with 8556), so that I can get these workstation working again?


Thanks... Scott

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Hi Scott,


We could provide you the source code for older builds of the extension, and you can manually load them into your browser. But you do get a warning every time you start your browser to want about a "developer extension" being installed, and you have to accept that warning.


If this is okay, let us know and we can email you the source.


Click Studios

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