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Enabling Single Sign on into Passwordstate


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If you have the Active Directory integrated version of Passwordstate installed, by default, Passwordstate requires you to enter your Active Directory username and password to authenticate into the system.  It is possible for Passwordstate to take your currently logged in credentials from your Windows session, and pass them through to Passwordstate.  There is a few thing to do and be aware of when setting this up:


  • First you to disable Anonymous Authentication in IIS, which is a default setting that we set during the install. To do this open Internet Information Services (IIS) on your web server, select your Passwordstate website and click Authentication




  • Now right click Anonymous Authentication and disable it so it looks like this:




  • Back in Passwordstate, go to Administration -> System Settings -> Authentication Options and select AD Single Sign-On:




Things to consider:


We hope this helps!



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